Happy? Women’s Day.

A few days ago, while I was walking by a park in my society, I heard some ladies talk about an eve-teasing incident in the nearby market. Disheartened, I could barely do anything about whatever happened, so I chose to ignore what I heard and continued walking ahead. That whole evening, I was disappointed about all that’s happening in the society. People were welcoming the so-called International Women’s Day; at least in words, if not in their feelings. Television also displayed advertisements on women’s day, women were offered ‘one day’ discount at restaurants or even on a few ‘beauty’ products. Little did they realize the true essence of such days. That whole night, I could hardly sleep; questioning my pride on being a woman. Sure, I was proud of being born a woman. I still am. For, they say, “one is not born a woman. One becomes one.”

The courage that a woman holds in herself, the power of bearing the pain of childbirth, the strength to produce and then control her own family, the commitment to always stay, and not to miss, the determination towards her job – are all the things that men are not even expected to do. Cause, even the society unknowingly accepts the fact that ‘working’ men already have enough to do and that they can’t be burdened with anything apart from ‘work’. One of the most famous sayings goes, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” Ever wondered who lies behind a successful woman? Well, the answer is – the woman herself. Prominent women in the society are referred to as ‘great women’. What I believe is that calling a woman ‘great’ would be over-emphasizing the word ‘woman’. Women are by default, ‘great’. Being a woman is in itself the most contented feeling.

UbpPylIZ Then next morning, when I wake up I ask my mom about the reality of the incident that happened the last evening. To my surprise, what came next filled my heart with a lot more pride and a lot more dignity towards womanhood. My dearest mommy told me that last evening, a few guys on a motorbike were shamelessly thrashing an old man. The man, being aged failed to protest. Fortunately, a girl passed by and noticed the situation. Filled with anger and rage, she held the old man aside and slapped the boys on the bike. She started beating them and pushed their vehicle away. A Huge crowd gathered on the spot, but sadly no one stepped forward. In a while, cops reached the place and caught the boys. The entire market was shut down by the police. Once the cops realized that situation was under control, they set the boys free. Obviously, the concept of bribery stepped in and saved the criminals.

Now that was the real celebration of Women’s day and a transparent disregard towards humanity. Today, there are numerous feminist writers and speakers fighting for equality between men and women. What needs to be realized is the fact that more than equality, it is the humanity that is lost. Amidst the crowd of success and wealth, humankind has turned into a blurred picture today. Let’s be humans first and then the fight for equality could be continued. Once humans turn into humans again, Women’s day would be celebrated with much more respect and grace.


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