All about the ‘Underdog Spirit’

Living in this world surrounded by the rat race with negativity all around, it seems next to impossible to keep yourself untouched by the unwanted vibes. Yes, what you feel is something that we all feel. What you are undergoing right now, at this moment is something that even I am confused about. So relax. There is nothing to be afraid about. Nothing to be worried about. There is definitely a solution for you. Your negativity can surely be replaced the with the positivity. All you need is to understand that you are neither into any problem nor different from anyone else. You are rather the ‘blessed’ soul.

You think you are attacked by something called ‘Underdog Spirit’? Get Goosebumps thinking of it? Let’s first be clear about what it actually means. There’s always a positive and a negative side to everything in the world. Let’s look at the positive side of this negative word.

An underdog is actually a person who is looked down upon by the world as unfortunate and someone who is bound to lose. He seems to have been blessed with the fault in his stars. Stoically, I may seem very pessimistic about one being an underdog. But that’s what you think, not what I mean. I essentially employed the word ‘blessed’ in describing the underdog and rightly so. Underdogs are undoubtedly an inspiration untold and unseen to the untrained eye. A lot can be learned from such people and even though I would empathize with them, I would strongly assert my belief that it is good to have an underdog spirit while approaching your work and people. However, it doesn’t hold well to remain an underdog for good.

Some people in this world are victims of overconfidence. They are the ones who let us down. Being aware of one’s own capabilities and overestimating your capabilities, are two contradictory feelings that make two antithetical humans. Being a person with underdog spirit is itself a positive feeling as it makes one do better and much better. For the others, I would only suggest them to be careful how you treat the underdogs, the ones who you perceive to be below you. The universe always has a way of favoring them. With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog who wins through sheer willpower.


Being betrayed by destiny builds in anger in you and thus, when handled positively turns into motivation. This motivation further leads to success. One must always keep the faith in himself alive; as it is aptly said, “We are the creators of our own destinies.” Identifying the underdog in you should totally make sense. This is one such feeling that you should be proud of. One should always play like a champion and train like an underdog.

The only difference between the underdogs and the others is the fact that success comes late to the underdogs. Those with an underdog spirit somehow tend to be more patient and tolerant in life. They are capable of climbing the ladder at a slower pace, and their recipe for success isn’t too explosive as it could be. Underdogs are obviously a bag of surprises. Patience always gifts them with the sweetest fruits. The ones that get things easily are anyhow the unlucky ones. The real worth of the destiny is only realized by the ones who try, try, and try.

One of the smallest creatures, called an ant, for instance, can be considered an underdog. It tries its best to climb a wall but fails millions of times before it could reach the top. The ones subjected to constant failure develop an out-of-the-box thinking approach. One must get inspiration from such creations of God and thus keep the belief alive.

Underdogs receive more encouragement and learn many more lessons in comparison to the top dog. They have a passion and fire for success that many top dogs tend to admire. The underdog spirit has rebuilt the concept of failure and given new opportunities to second chances. The victims of treachery beyond the shadow of doubt share examples of inspiration, hard work, perseverance, faith, miracles and success without a hint of hopelessness. Remember, every successful person at one point or the other has been an underdog, faced mockery, lost a battle and succumbed to embarrassment.

Shaun Roger White, an American professional snowboarder, and skateboarder, a two-time Olympic gold medallist once said, “It’s exciting to go from snowboarding to skateboarding because I get to start as the underdog again.”

So fellas, go on, embrace the underdog spirit and wake up every morning telling yourself, “I am proud of being who I am. I know I am the luckier one. I love the failures and I am awaiting the surprises that destiny has in store for me. I love myself and I am going to continue no matter what happens.”


Happy? Women’s Day.

A few days ago, while I was walking by a park in my society, I heard some ladies talk about an eve-teasing incident in the nearby market. Disheartened, I could barely do anything about whatever happened, so I chose to ignore what I heard and continued walking ahead. That whole evening, I was disappointed about all that’s happening in the society. People were welcoming the so-called International Women’s Day; at least in words, if not in their feelings. Television also displayed advertisements on women’s day, women were offered ‘one day’ discount at restaurants or even on a few ‘beauty’ products. Little did they realize the true essence of such days. That whole night, I could hardly sleep; questioning my pride on being a woman. Sure, I was proud of being born a woman. I still am. For, they say, “one is not born a woman. One becomes one.”

The courage that a woman holds in herself, the power of bearing the pain of childbirth, the strength to produce and then control her own family, the commitment to always stay, and not to miss, the determination towards her job – are all the things that men are not even expected to do. Cause, even the society unknowingly accepts the fact that ‘working’ men already have enough to do and that they can’t be burdened with anything apart from ‘work’. One of the most famous sayings goes, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” Ever wondered who lies behind a successful woman? Well, the answer is – the woman herself. Prominent women in the society are referred to as ‘great women’. What I believe is that calling a woman ‘great’ would be over-emphasizing the word ‘woman’. Women are by default, ‘great’. Being a woman is in itself the most contented feeling.

UbpPylIZ Then next morning, when I wake up I ask my mom about the reality of the incident that happened the last evening. To my surprise, what came next filled my heart with a lot more pride and a lot more dignity towards womanhood. My dearest mommy told me that last evening, a few guys on a motorbike were shamelessly thrashing an old man. The man, being aged failed to protest. Fortunately, a girl passed by and noticed the situation. Filled with anger and rage, she held the old man aside and slapped the boys on the bike. She started beating them and pushed their vehicle away. A Huge crowd gathered on the spot, but sadly no one stepped forward. In a while, cops reached the place and caught the boys. The entire market was shut down by the police. Once the cops realized that situation was under control, they set the boys free. Obviously, the concept of bribery stepped in and saved the criminals.

Now that was the real celebration of Women’s day and a transparent disregard towards humanity. Today, there are numerous feminist writers and speakers fighting for equality between men and women. What needs to be realized is the fact that more than equality, it is the humanity that is lost. Amidst the crowd of success and wealth, humankind has turned into a blurred picture today. Let’s be humans first and then the fight for equality could be continued. Once humans turn into humans again, Women’s day would be celebrated with much more respect and grace.